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The first post.

Well it’s not really. This is a reboot of the blog for me. I will be moving some old posts and walkthroughs to this new blog and creating some new content along the way. Those two things may get mixed in together for now.

I was inspired to reboot this blog because I think that I am going to give the OSCP certification another shot. In 2018 I spent a little over 90 days in the PWK labs and attempted the exam twice. I didn’t pass and to say that I was discouraged was an understatement. Life happened, I spent quite a bit of time away from OSCP type activities and focused on my Infosec Engineer day-job.

Now, that’s all about to change. Right now I am working on a few challenges outside of the PWK labs to get back up to speed. Yesterday was my first real day back at it and I managed to root the first three Kioptrix machines. I found these machines on a list of good OSCP practice boxes. I feel encouraged again and I’m ready to keep going.

For now I am going to keep working on various machines that I find that are supposed to simulate the PWK environment. I hope that in September I might feel ready to hop back into the lab and give this another go.


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