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So today I started my first of 30 days back in the PWK labs. It was really an uneventful day as I mainly used this first day back to get everything I need set back up and worked on documenting the lab exercises. That was one of my downfalls before, I didn’t spend the time to fully document the exercises (I did them and saved most of the info). So to start this attempt off on the right foot I decided to start with documenting.

My next goal is to get the 5 lab machines fully documented for the reporting as well. I plan to start on the tomorrow. Luckily after going through a few different flash drives I found my old KeepNote documents that I used before. These documents have the 27 machines that I have owned root on documented in a way that I should be able to re-root them. I have yet to decide how many of my previous machines I am going to go back through though, so we’ll see. I have decided that I want to go back and look through my notes for any machine that I might have used a little too much metasploit on in my first attempt. I feel that I relied too much on this tool when I was going through the labs before and it hurt me some on the exams. I’m hoping that by manually figuring out the exploits I can gain some better experience that will help me out come exam time.

I have not scheduled the exam day yet. Still waiting to see how I do in the labs for a bit. I have a work trip coming up that should allow me quite a bit of time in the labs without upsetting the wife. I hope that I can get a lot done in that time.

I’m excited to jump back in. This break that I’ve taken from OSCP/PWK has been great and it’s what I needed. I was very discouraged when I left the labs last time and I am very eager to jump back in.

OSCP Lab: 27 (Starting at my original amount for now)
VulnHub Rooted: 3
HTB Rooted: 2
HTB Challenges: 6


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